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ChronoCurl Rock Timer

ChronoCurl Rock Timer

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If you're looking to take your game to the next level the ChronoCurl is the training tool for you. Easy to set up, and easy to use, the ChronoCurl tells you exactly how much weight you throw with every shot. Place the single laser unit at the hogline and it tells you how hard the stone was thrown. Several options let you choose different speed rating options, such as split times Back Line / Hog Line, Tee Line / Hog Line, or mph, kmph, or m/s.

There is no comparable tool that so accurately and easily allows you to analyze your weight. This can be a great tool to practice consistency in draw or hit weights. No more split times with a stopwatch where you aren't quite sure if you hit the button perfectly, or are concerned that you gave it a little push or took a little off at release. Simply throw the stone, get the speed, and throw again to let you know if you threw more, less, or the same.

The ChronoCurl can also be a great resource for clubs trying to match their stones. Simply throw the stones, compare the speed readings to where they stop, and pair up the stones accordingly.

The ChronoCurl syncs via bluetooth to any Android or Apple device once the app is downloaded. There are two versions of the app currently, one free and the ProVersion for a fee. There are added features with the ProVersion, but all of the important, "must have" features are included in the free app.
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