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BalancePlus Delux

BalancePlus Delux

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Due to the number of possible options this shoe is only available via special order. Please call to discuss and we'll get your order placed right away. Price varies depending on options selected.

Delux curling shoes have won more World Championships and Olympic Medals than all other brands combined. It continues to be the most popular curling shoe worn by highly competitive and professional curlers.

Delux is the only curling shoe with welted construction, providing lasting performance and durability.  This shoe is a perfect symbol of the commitment we have to the sport as avid players of the game.

The Delux curling shoes offer the best quality in curling footwear. We searched and researched the industry to find the perfect shoe for our already renowned BalancePlus® Slider, and the results of that effort are shown here. We are very proud of this shoe, and feel that you’ll be just as excited about it as we are, each time you slide.

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