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BalancePlus 703 Men's

BalancePlus 703 Men's

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Toe Coating

The 703 comes with 3/16" slider. The lightweight, flexible and breathable sport-style curling shoe is a great addition to the LiteSpeed collection of products, feeling and looking more like a sneaker.

The 700 Series provides an ultra-comfortable design while incorporating many of the features that make BalancePlus footwear the favorite in curling. The phylon outsole and upper materials provide the "Lite", while the BalancePlus Slider and LiteSpeed coating provide the "Speed".

The 703 is available with Grey or blue trim and a couple of different colored shoe laces for lots of options. Available with or without toe coating. We recommend the trailing shoe be coated for additional durability and speed. Either the coated 703 or 704 version, or another form of coating.

Quick comparison between 700 series and 400 / 500 series. 700's are a bit lighter and more breathable, trade off may be a little warmth and long term durability you find in all leather uppers of 400 and 500 series.

700 Series shoes do not run big. If you are between sizes go with the larger of the two.

Note: Curling shoes are not designed to stop or kick curling stones. BalancePlus is not responsible and will not warranty against wear caused by stopping and kicking stones.

Don't forget a gripper for over the slider shoe if you need one.

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