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Asham HELIX Fly-Knit

Asham HELIX Fly-Knit

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Introducing the new innovation of curling shoes from Asham!
Joining our line of Ultra-Lite Curling Shoes, HELIX Fly-knit!


Price includes 1/4" slider discs


Helix fly-knit brings the next level of comfort, breathability, and support. 

Made with Fly knit technology that uses high-strength fibers, a digitally woven fabric that is manufactured by using a polyester thread to create lightweight uppers that are flexible, breathable, and can auto-adjust to the areas of your feet where more support is needed.

Ultra Lite HELIX Fly-Knit Curling Shoes comes equipped with two gripper disks and 1/4" slider discs. Don't forget a gripper for over the slider shoe if you need one.

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